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Game Processing


  • Please make sure to try your best to keep your animal clean. If your animal is brought in dirty, a cleaning fee may be added to your bill & the yield on your deer will be significantly less. Please note, we deserve the right to discard any meat we feel is unfit for human consumption. Please visit our Game Processing post for more information! 
  • Upon drop off of your animal, for a carcass animal. We will need: your tag & your hunting license. If you are bringing in the deer for your friend, son, daughter, etc. PLEASE make sure you have these items. We do VALIDATE your deer tags, however, we do need the hunting license present.
  • We will call you once your game animal is ready. If after ninety days your animal is not picked up and paid for, we will notify Fish & Game with your information which could result in your loss of hunting privileges.
  • Please note: if your animal/trim is brought in within A MONTH of Thanksgiving and beyond, we do not guarantee your specialty products will be done by/before Christmas. We have one smokehouse which cooks all of our hams & turkeys as well as our jerky, salami, and sausages. We try our best to get your items done in a timely manner. Please be kind and considerate of this fact.
  • If you need to call us about your animal, please refer to the name it was brought in under AND the number of your cutting order. This will make it much easier on us while we are processing 500+ deer.
  • When you bring your deer to us, you get your own deer meat back. This includes: roasts, steaks, ground,  fresh bulk sausage, & jerky. This does NOT include specialty items.
  • All specialty items (besides jerky) are batched. We take great care in the meat we put into our batches, however, if you would like your own batch, it is an additional $1.00/lb. and we require a minimum of 25 lbs. for a batch.
  • If you want any other flavor than what is listed below, an additional .20 cents per lb is added to the charge AS WELL AS it may add to the length of time it takes us to process your deer.
  • If you are bringing us ducks, we require a NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE NUMBER for every 20 lbs. of duck meat that is brought to us. This was mandated to us by the Game Warden. We prefer you to bring us the duck meat boneless (cut off the breast & without the wing). We do charge for boning ducks to be processed at a fee of $50/hour. Please note, we cannot and will not process thighs. Any thigh meat brought to us will be discarded or given back to you.

For more information on game processing, please visit our post about it: Chico Locker Guide to Deer Processing

Below are our game processing menus, feel free to print them and use them. You should be given one upon dropping off your game animal.

This one is for carcass deer that is brought into us (whole, halved, quartered, or bone-in pieces)

Chico Locker Game Processing

This one is for brought in boneless trim. & ducks

Brought In Game

If you have questions, please visit our Ask Us Page or give us a call at (530) 343-7370.

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