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Wordless Wednesday: Guess This Product

With 4th of July not too long ago, these babies were flying off the shelf! Any of our customers know what this delicious product is!? 🙂 in fact, I had one last night!
Happy Wednesday everyone!



Wordless Wednesday: Fair Beef

I’ve been quite pleased with the quality of beef we have been receiving from our local fairs. 4H and FFA members should be giving themselves a pat on the back for a job well done. We received beef from our local fairs in record numbers this year! But besides making a lot more work for us, this makes us excited. We are so excited to see so many young people involved in agriculture. These people are the faces of our future and they are giving a good name to what we all do. As well as putting out a superb product! Check it out!




Wordless Wednesday: Mixing Sausage

Have you ever wondered how we get all those spices and added ingredients into the meat..? Well, we use a mixer! Much like one you’d bake with.. just larger! Here is our mixer in action… Don’t turn up the volume, we are grinding in the background and it’s rather loud!

First step is to add the spices.

Second step is to add the wet and added ingredients, in this case… wine and garlic are added!

And there you have it, mixing sausage! After the sausage is mixed like this, it is then put into our Mercedes and stuffed into casings, ready to be sold in our case!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Wordless Wednesday: Fair Season

Well ready or not, fair season is amongst us! We are currently working towards finishing up cutting animals from the Glenn County Fair, starting on animals from the Silver Dollar Fair, and next week we will be getting animals in from the Colusa County Fair, PHEW!

Here’s just a glimpse into what fair means to us…

This is what 43 hogs looks like hanging… And this is just the beginning…

Holy pork chops! Check out these bad boys! I heart pork! How about you!?

We cut up and marinated 6 lambs for the Silver Dollar Buyer’s Appreciation Dinner.. If you bought an animal at the Silver Dollar Fair, don’t miss out on this event! And if you didn’t, next year look into supporting a child and filling YOUR freezer!

And finally… A view we don’t share too often.. This is a behind the scenes look into our freezer… I show this to y’all because when we say we are running out of space.. We are literally running out of space! We appreciate you picking up your meat in a timely manner so we can make room for more! 🙂

Well as you can see, fair season leaves little room and lots of work! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: Snacksticks, Bacon, and Lamb. Oh my!

One of our new flavors of snacksticks: Pepperstick with Pepper Jack Cheese

Bacon. We will be seeing a lot more of this with fair season coming!

Remember all those lambs I posted a few weeks ago…? Yep. We’ve been hard at work getting them cut to make room for fair animals.

Fair season is upon us! And what better way to buy and support local than at the Junior Livestock Auction!?
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Wordless Wednesday: Spring Lambs

Well you always know it’s been spring weather around here because we get our run of sheep through our mobile slaughter truck. Yesterday, owner Dave Dewey, had his work cut out for him harvesting all these lambs. In 90 degree heat! Nobody every said the job of a butcher was easy! So today, take a minute to thank those people who work hard to put food onto your plates!



Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: Just Another Day in Paradise

Just another day in Paradise here at Chico Locker…


Marinated Tri-tips ready to be packaged.

Bacons that just came out of the smokehouse.

20120502-143148.jpg And this last one because well, you know we like to have fun! Spread the love!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: I Heart Beef

In light of the recent finding of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly called “mad cow”) and even LFTB, today I am supporting beef. Which is safe, healthy, and for the time being affordable! I heart beef!


Now go enjoy some beef today!

For more information or questions regarding BSE, please feel free to leave a comment or check out these resources.

Please note regarding this instance: The animal IS NOT in our food supply. Nor can milk transmit BSE. A situation like this shows us that preventative actions put in by our government are WORKING in regards to BSE.  There is no reason for consumers to FEAR for the safety of their beef or milk. “USDA remains confident in the health of the national herd and the safety of beef and dairy products.”

Statement Released from USDA

General Information Regarding BSE

Consumer Safety and BSE

I am working on a Meat Fact Friday regarding this issue so please stay tuned! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: Carved and Garnished Smoked Turkey

With graduation season right around the corner and the weather warming up, it’s a perfect time to host a party… But are you at a loss on what to serve? One of the services we offer is called a carved and garnished smoked turkey… Now you may be saying, what is that…? Well here it is…


We take these…

And turn them into this…

Basically once you pull that skin back, it exposes all boneless smoked turkey meat, ready to eat! For more information on this, please call us at (530) 343-7370.

Happy Wednesday everyone!