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Story of a Steak

Recently, we came across this series put out by the Angust TV called Story of a Steak. It takes you on a visual tour of how your steak makes it from the field to your plate. It begins with a ranch in Wyoming, takes you through a feed yard in Kansas, and finally ends up at the meat lab. This is a great line up of episodes as it really gives you an inside look into the people behind the cattle production. Often times, we all think that our beef in the grocery stores came out of some factory where there is no human interaction. The cows went in as calves, were pumped with feed and additives, and come out the other side in boxes.

But that simply isn’t the case, this series reminds us that there are people behind that steak on your plate, there are family farms, ranches, and feed yards. There is human interaction between all three and one sector of cattle production relies on the other. It takes all three working together in order to create that quality choice beef that ends up nourishing your family as well as theirs. This series shows that the cattle industry is always looking to do better, to improve, as well as take consumer concerns into consideration.

Story of a Steak Segment 1: Gathering, Weaning, and Shipping

Story of a Steak Segment 2: Shipping Cattle

Story of a Steak Segment 3: Introduction to Feed Yard

Story of a Steak Segment 4: Importance of Animal Health

Story of Steak Segment 5: Halfway Point, Feed Yard and Rancher Meet Up

Story of Steak Segment 6: Addressing Consumer Concerns and Taking a Critical Look at Cattle Industry

Story of a Steak Segment 7: Meats Lab and Final Evaluation

The cattle industry doesn’t just thrive in the Midwest. Fourth, fifth, and even sixth generation ranchers can be found all across Northern California and cattle can be seen grazing all over the grassy hills in Butte, Tehama, and Glenn counties. This production is happening right here in our backyards. Cattle rancher, Holly Foster, was featured on Angus TV in a segment called I Am Angus. We love that Angus TV is working towards putting a face behind the people who are raising and growing our food. If you’ve driven out to Butte College, you’ve seen the cattle of the Foster Ranch.

Angus TV is loaded with all sorts of information on how beef is raised as well as meat handling tips. I hope you took the time to watch this series from the Angus TV along with their channel over at Youtube: Angus TV.

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