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Easy Crock Pot Ribs Recipe

Fun Meat Fact Friday is on hiatus seeing as how I’m on vacation enjoying some time on the East Coast. However, I came up with the grand idea for a guest blog. I know many of you have been asking me about recipes and how to cook some of the meat items I’ve featured on here. Well here we go. I’d love to continue this trend. Thank you so much to my good friend Natalie who is our trial run! And if you have a meat recipe you’d like to feature, please contact me! I’d love to feature you!! Happy Friday everyone! Go cook some ribs!! Natalie shows us how!

I’m Natalie from I’m 25 unemployed and today we’re gonna cook ribs in a CrockPot.

I got these spareribs at Safeway for 50% off (DEAL). First, I cut them up because obviously the whole rack as is was not going to fit into the crockpot.

Aren’t they pretty?

Then I whipped up some sauce. This is the tricky part because I never follow recipes, I look a bunch over then pick and choose. When I cook it’s usually throwing things together. This happened to be a mixture of BBQ sauce, honey, brown sugar, and little bit of water.


After the sauce was concocted I tossed the ribs into a ziplock, poured in the sauce and shook it around a bit. Then I let it rest for about 2 hours until I went to bed


Right before bed I put the ribs and sauce into the crock pot


Set it on LOW for 10 hours

20120210-114449.jpg And had wonderful BBQ Rib filled dreams.

When I woke I had ribs so tender they fall off the bone.



Ideally, you’d want to cook these during the day when you could spread sauce on them continually, however, I added more sauce and the ribs are just sitting in it until tonight when I’ll heat the ribs and have some deliciousness!

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